It was rather coconuts to discover Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon were making a live action Dora The Explorer movie that mirrors my adventuresome life. Check out how wildly similar her story is to my life:

The movie is based on a young girl named Dora played by Peruvian star Isabela Moner who grows up in the jungles of South America with her explorer parents (Eva Longoria and Michael Pena) and is then sent to high school in the US. I grew up exploring Peru and Spanish was my first language – always on treasure quests and expeditions with my parents to places like Machu Picchu, years before many people visited the sacred sites. And just like the film, one of my wildest challenges was attending school in Los Angeles for the first time as a teenager after being homeschooled in remote jungles of the world!

Just like Dora, I learned growing up that goodness and kindness transcends all language and culture.

My first friend was a monkey in the Amazon rainforest…. I named him Billy. I fell in love with nature, animals, and culture and NOW I’m on a quest to educate the future generations through my stories and Alison’s Adventures films – and make many more monkey pals, and human friends across the world.

I’m excited for you all to see the film and to work on more projects like this in the future. Never ever did I expect while snuggling with guinea pigs for warmth on the floors of mud-brick huts, that I would work with Hollywood to inspire the next generation of explorers!

It is an honor making films to inspire kids that there are real life explorers, real treasures to be found, many languages to be learned, and endless environments to protect! Check out the adventure Dora sent me on:

Here’s a film to help you pack for you next adventure!

It was an honor to walk the green carpet at the premiere!

Dora and the Lost City of Gold is swinging into theaters today!