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I’m beyond excited to have a life size spread on #AlisonsAdventures in Oprah Magazine this month! Read the full article on Oprah: This Filmmaker’s Instagram Photos Will Inspire Your Wanderlust.

Growing up in the most remote and exotic corners of this earth I always dreamed of being the leader of my own tribe – The United States – yet it seemed such a far off goal for a young Tarzan child to lead a great country with endless opportunity.

As the years passed, I learned about a tribal leader in the US called Oprah. Her love permeated a room and she always gave cars to people – which was another one of my dreams since my camel was not the fastest mode of transport.

I’m honored to have earned a new title in this wild world: The “Oprah of Adventure” – and I will not let my tribe down!

There is no dream too big to achieve and as a leader I will help inspire you in any way I can to take your life to the top of the highest coconut tree and beyond!



Travel for a purpose will change your life. Sure sipping ice tea on an exotic beach may be a much needed vacation, but a trip that combines a cause experience with vacation or adventure is the best way to find your true passion. When I plan for an adventure I don’t just think, “where can I get and have the most fun frolicking,” I put deep thought into what I believe will make the world a better place. For example my latest adventure I set off to the Maldives, one of the most paradisal places on earth to help solve our global plastic pollution problem. The feeling of accomplishment from the adventure has changed my life and re-confirmed my belief that travel with a purpose is the path to enlightenment.


Make friends when you travel. Why? Because the friends you make traveling will last a lifetime. You are both out of your element and time is condensed and often times you must depend upon each other for survival. Furthermore, making friends with locals not only gives you a deeper connection with culture and customs, it also makes travel much cheaper as you learn what the “tourist traps” are. Learning about other people and appreciating THEIR story can open many doors.


In this day and age you can get almost anything anywhere so pack light! This enables you to seize the moment and protect the planet by “leaving no trace,” or packing out what you pack in! If the oceans die, we die and much of what we discard ends up killing sea life, and polluting our waters. A human being can only survive 4 days without water. Eco living is not a fad, it’s a necessity!

Check out my “Eco Travel Tips” and “What’s in my eco travel bag

Here is a video for you visual people!

Here are places that offset your carbon footprint of flying in airplanes:

I always say the most important thing to pack is HUMOR…and DARK CHOCOLATE!


Dive into a different culture every year. Step outside your comfort zone. People and relationships are the best life teachers. When you feel STUCK or don’t appreciate your life, step into another culture and live in someone else’s shoes for a moment. You may learn how much you love your life, or you may see that another existence may suit you better OR that helping another person’s existence may help yours! Growing up global, the world was my classroom and the people I met along the way were my textbooks. It is a big world. Do not let life go by living in a bubble!


The shaman from Eat Pray Love was my painting teacher growing up in Bali. Over the years I have traveled to distant lands seeking out wisemen, shamans, healers, seers, and enlightenment beings that hold the secrets to our happiness, survival, and success. It is important to travel and meet these people and share their valuable knowledge before it is lost forever. The stories of the past will solve our future. The only way we survive as a human race is because the stories that have been passed on since ancient times, through either written or verbal storytelling. Stories of how to get water, catch fish and build shelters. What is the best way to continue that? Well, through storytelling.


Share YOUR story. Everyone has a unique story, even if you think your story is mundane IT’S NOT! It will be unique to others! Sharing your story gives purpose in life. EVERYONE is put on this earth for a reason. When you share your story you will realize how many people share your struggles and will support you to reach your dreams.


Once you commit to something in your life and work in baby steps every day toward your goal, the universe WILL manifest it for you. Passion inspires peace and happiness in yourself AND others. Go back to your roots. It doesn’t mean you have to follow in your family’s footsteps or anything, just your roots inside of you. What was your original root that really made you shine? Made you get that excited tingle of passion inside? If you’re living the life you dream of then you’re helping the earth.

Watch my latest Alison’s Adventures film where we captured the photo featured in Oprah magazine.