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The most important thing to pack on any adventure is humor…and sunscreen!

I hope you enjoy this film I made on WHY I love Raw Elements and the unbelievable IMPACT sunscreen has on our environment!

In addition to your discount, 10% of sales will be going to my nonprofit to educate children across the world!

Story behind the cause:

Visit any popular beach in Hawaii and the smell of chemical sunscreen saturates the sea breeze. Not only are most commonly used sunscreens bad for our skin and potentially cancer causing, but now studies show that coral reefs and tropical fish are dying from the toxins.

Growing up in a Hawaiian fishing village, I’ve watched it with my own eyes and it’s incredibly sad AND hopefully reversible if we spread awareness and use natural sunscreens.

This is why RAW ELEMENTS USA sunscreen is my go to adventure protection.

Certified Organic ingredient, Eco-Safe, Reef-Safe, Leaping Bunny – Cruelty Free certified, Non-GMO Project Verified, NPA Certified Natural formula.

Help me keep paradise alive for our future generations to enjoy!

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Directed, produced, edited, and hosted by Alison Teal

Cinematography by Sarah Lee and Mark Tipple