This weekend, I joined multiple Grammy award winner Jason Mraz on his avocado farm to write his next single for him….Do you think it’s catchy?

What does Jason think about composting… Well, he doesn’t think about it, he DOES it!!!!!

Jason said, composting helps improve the soil causing the soil to become like a sponge.  As rain falls onto the soil the more it holds, which will allow us to refill our underground water reserves…improving our ecosystems…improving the run off for our streams and rivers that feed into our oceans… From the top down, they start getting cleaner and cleaner.

We can start the change with our own simple practices at home!

In association with #THECOMPOSTSTORY film, starring world changers: Adrian Grenier Rosario Dawson Kendrick Sampson Amy Smart Paul Blackthorne

Thank you to @finianmakepeace for this opportunity and harmony!

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