Basically I was that Tarzan child raised around the world. My parents were adventure photographers for National Geographic and almost every outdoor company you could think of. At two months old, they whisked me up the highest peak in Southern Peru and thought that would be a good initiation.

The adventurous life just took off after that. We spent my childhood exploring remote corners of the earth, living with tribal people and building a global family. The shaman from Eat Pray Lovew as my painting teacher.

I call it an interesting form of homeschooling because I didn’t really have a home but it was school on the road. The world was my classroom and the people I met along the way were my textbooks. I didn’t have to learn about India. I would walk out the door, hop on my elephant and take a ride around the block. I learned more about India on that day then I could have in an entire lesson plan.

I think since I’m a traveler, my favorite place is home. My biggest dream in the world was to go to a normal school, ironically. I wanted a white picket fence and a normal house and a school bus. I didn’t really know what it meant. I just saw it on films during airplane flights.

I went to school for the first time in the Himalayas at the base of Mt. Everest and we had to hike a 17,000 foot pass to get there. It wasn’t what I’d thought of with school but that was my first taste. Then there’s our Swiss Family Robinson style Hawaii house, but that’s a whole other part of childhood.