Lost Island of the Fire Walkers

“ The Power of Storytelling ” · FIJI

Alison heads off to Fiji to check out the Volcom Fiji pro and make an attempt to surf one of the biggest swells to ever hit Cloud Break. Kelly Slater calls Alison into a huge wave, but she gets swept inside and hurts herself on the reef. She thus decides to head off to a tiny island to rest and heal but little does she know it’s the magical island of the fire walkers.

Alison finds herself in an adventure with the island’s Chief, deep into the intense Fijian past; to a time of tribal wars, cannibals, and spiritual consequences for breaking traditions. As her virtue is gauged by a series of tests placed upon her by the villagers, along the way Alison learns the importance of family, living off the land, and stumbles upon the secret to happiness.


  • Writer, Producer, Director, Editor: Alison Teal
  • Director of Photography, Photographer: Sarah Lee
  • Motion Graphics: Emy Dossett
  • Visual Effects: Jeff Dotson
  • Supervising Sound Editor: Victoria Sampson
  • Sound Effects Editor: Erwin Castillo
  • Artwork: Danielle Zirkelbach
  • Additional footage & Photos courtesy of Lucia Griggi