Coconut cheers to the most magical, inspiring and invigorating Alison’s Adventures Hawaii 2016 trip I could have ever dreamed of! Here are some highlights!

…it was incredible to watch, from the shade of my coconut hat, everyone transform in to mermaids/men

Adventure into an active volcano under the stars.

Hanging out in Hawaii – relaxation in paradise.

Yummy fresh organic food from our land and local farms.

Surf’s up!

Hawaiian Hunger Games;-) Learning traditional archery with Hawaii legend!

Coconut hat making 101

Beach Bliss

Jurassic Park styles valley adventure!

And did I mention rainbows?

Lava you all!

“I would call it “Soul Adventure in the magic Island”

At a first glance, it may appear as an Adrenalin trip made of surfing the epic Hawaiian waves, trekking the mystic volcano, discovering the primordial art of archery in the woods, not to mention swimming and playing with the dolphins. This things alone are worth the journey.

Add the unique occasion of doing yoga with one of the best yogini in the world. (Surely the best one).

And have all these moments captured by an exceptional photographer and her magical point of view.

Have I told you that these things happens in a oceanfront house ? Made by one of the best photographer in the world. And you’ ll eat the freshest and healthy food of your life. Ah and everything with the most smart, badass pinky girl you’ll find in the Milky Way!

But going deeper, you’ll live the second level of this trip, the spiritual one. You’ll be pushed to acknowledge your limits and breakthrough. Share the experiences and the life goals. Work on the inner soul to reach the awareness of your life.

(Don’t want to spoiler too much :^) )

You arrive as a single person but you will leave as a part of a unique ohana. You’ ll miss every moment and every person.”


Emanuele from Italy
“You can have the kind of Hawaii trip where you sit on a beach drinking Mai Tais- which is possible to do on any beach…and also may lead you to not remembering the trip altogether. ORRR you can have the healthy, good-for-your-body-and-soul kind of Hawaii trip that can bring you bk to your roots, whether it be through yoga, nature, non stop play, or surrounding yourself with other like-minded, light hearted people having the time of your life. Whatever’s good for the soul, do that.”
Katie from LA

“It seems an impossible task to write only a few words about an experience that often took my breath away. You will become a part of Alison’s extended ‘ohana from the moment she welcomes you to Hale Kai with a hug. Together you will climb steaming volcanoes and snorkel in warm Hawaiian rain, take goofy GoPro videos and hold hands in a silent prayer of thanks, test your limits and share your vulnerable self. Deborah will gently pull your body into perfect alignment with intuitive yoga adjustments, and David will delight you with oldies music, freshly machete’d coconuts, and expert photography tips. Who should join Alison and her family on their adventures? Those with an open mind, a ready smile, a helpful hand, a grateful spirit, and a lightweight, waterproof daypack!”

Rissa from North Carolina
“WARNING: Going to this paradise may induce incurable wanderlust. Proceed with Caution!!!

I love photography and “adventurous” travel sprinkled with wellness retreats. These passions are perfect fit for this trip and I had the most unique and worldly experience from the short but sweet stay with my new Ohana! It can shape you in a way you never imagined. It was not all about getting you stoked and all pumped up from all the adventures but there’s realizations from the “deep talks with David” and the group, confirmation of what and who you think you are, broadened more my horizon beyond city limits, breakthroughs as what we called them in this trip.

Also learned more in the few hours of yoga with Deborah than in my 7 years of attending yoga practice – everything is just real and sincere! Ive started to think of my yoga niche and decided to be fully committed to it back home.

So many invaluable take aways from this magical trip that I will treasure all my life!

So yes this is a place I’d rather be – some place warm, a place where the adventure flows like wine, where beautiful women in bikini instinctively flock like the spinner dolphins of Hawaii. Im talking about a little place called Hale Kai, Kona (from Dumb and Dumber).”

Joy from the Philippines/Singapore/Australia
“Embarking on this journey to Hawaii to stay with Alison and her family has really opened up my eyes and my heart to the world. I pushed myself to travel alone, to really experience the journey and I couldn’t thank Alison and her family enough for the best trip of my life. Not only did I meet some of the most amazing people this world has to offer, I got to face my deepest fears, and I conquered them! This trip helped me see that no matter where you are in this world, no matter what you may be battling or feeling, there are people out there just like you who will listen to you, care for you and love you. We just needed this experience to connect! I left Hawaii with new friends, an open mind, an open heart and a wild need to travel more.”
Krysten from NYC
“For anyone wanting the adventure of a lifetime I highly recommend Alison Teal and Alison’s Adventures Hawaii. The wonderful hospitality her and her family showed was second to none. The awesome open air home was as close to being in the Hawaiian jungle as you could get without actually hanging a hammock in a tree. The wild life surrounded you with the music of nature. The organic fresh homemade meals were so amazing I found it hard to believe they were actually good for me!

The daily adventures were so magical it was almost like nature planned them. From swimming in the ocean in the rain to gliding underwater with Dolphin’s in the bay right outside the house. Volcano’s with rainbows, Surfing, Snorkeling with sea turtles, Yoga on the Lava and Amazing beaches and new friends which I will keep in my heart forever.

You not only have an amazing time but you leave feeling energized and spiritually renewed. I wish to thank from the bottom of my heart Alison, Deborah and David for letting me share in this life changing experience and letting me feel the real meaning of ALOHA and my new Ohana!!!!!
Many, Many MAHALOS”

Robert from Salem, Oregon
“This adventure was like dating Jennifer Anniston. I don’t know what to do next? How can anything be better?”

Jeremy from Chicago

Jeremy from Chicago

MAHALOS for becoming part of our ohana!