“Alison do you have your pink surfboard” Tina Segura, head of Los Angeles Surfrider asked me on my lay over in California!

“Of course!” I replied! “Wanna head for a surf!?”

“Actually,” Tina continued, “I’m wondering if you wanna go with me to the first flush and we can spread some awareness on plastic pollution.”

“Say no more!” I replied already grabbing my board….”I’ll take one for the team:)”

With the support of Surfrider  and Michael Courtney with Riders On the Storm, I paddled through the unbelievably hazardous and disgusting trash caused by “first flush” (rain) in LA that flushes in Ballona Creek before flowing out to sea.

Luckily the video went viral helping to spread awareness and get prop 67 to pass thus banning plastic bags in California – the only other US state other then Hawaii to pass legislation preventing the offer of plastic bags in stores and beyond.

This is a significant environmental victory that will mean an immediate elimination of the 25 million plastic bags that are polluting California every day, threatening wildlife.


  • Refuse single use plastics whenever possible. You can’t see the plastic bags here, because they fill with water and sink to the bottom. Mainly only polystyrene is visible at the top because it floats.
  • Ask your favorite restaurant manager to switch take out containers to more sustainable products.
  • Join forces with a nonprofit that works to try to implement policy change.