I was sitting on an island under a palm tree on a lost island about a year ago interviewing a Fijian chief of Fire Walkers when I got a call to be new Discovery Channel reality show called Naked and Afraid, naked. I’m not even exactly sure how my phone rang as it was off and not a Fijian phone … magic?

I have been in negotiations about it for almost a year trying to decide is this is something I want to do?

The concept of the show is actually very intriguing and timely and could make a big statement in our current society run by desire for possessions and wealth and social acceptance. It harkens back to the beginning of time in a sort of “Adam and Eve” meets “Survivor” where two strangers, a man and a women, are dropped in one of the harshest environments on earth and left to survive the element, and each other, for 21 days with NOTHING and earn NO prize money.

One of my biggest dreams is to be able to share the ancient secrets of survival and sustainability from the cultures I grew up in, and try to be a ray of sunshine in a world of wild and petty reality shows – and this could be my chance. If executed correctly, it could change reality TV for the better – or worse.

I’m currently I’m in LA doing my final interview with the producers – I feel like a coconut girl in a high fashion world.