The Golden Camel

“ It’s not about the Gold; it’s about the Golden Rule ” · ISRAEL

Alison teams up with Israeli surf pros to check out the Mediterranean coastline and surf near some of the oldest civilizations in the world. But when the swell proves to be flat, Alison heads to the Red Sea for some underwater exploration and, while cave diving at the Egyptian border she finds a golden camel amulet. Wanting to know the meaning of the mysterious object, Alison sets off on a wild adventure on camel-back through the Negev Desert and the sacred sections of Jerusalem, only to discover that the camel has a compelling story of its own from ancient Bedouin times.


  • Writer, Producer, Director, Co-Editor: Alison Teal
  • Co-Director, Director of Photography, Editor: Tamara Rosenfeld
  • Supervising Sound Editor: Victoria Sampson
  • Sound Effects Editor: Erwin Castillo