As an adventure film maker, I depend upon gear that works. Hard drives carrying EVERYTHING I capture and are perhaps the most important piece of technology in my backpack. Western Digital drives have never failed me!

Western Digital hard drives have been with me since my first episode of Alison’s Adventures almost ten years ago when I uncovered a 3,000 year old pre-Incan mummy in Peru.

Whether I must set up office in an Indonesian Monkey forest, or atop a camel in Australia…

…my Western Digital hard drives have been there, allowing me to quickly download footage to share my stories with the world.

I’m really excited about the launch of the new re-imagined COLORFUL hard drives that are lightweight, sleek, and hold 4TB of content!

I had the joy of testing out all the colors on my adventure to France and they worked like a charm, and made my global office bright and fun!

No matter what adventure came my way.

Even when I had to download footage at the top of Europe’s highest sand dune…

…Or thousands of meters above Paris in a hot air balloon.

The Western Digital My Passport allows me to be YOUR passport to the world!

Mahalo Western Digital for always being there for me and providing a technological vehicle to bring my wild adventure ideas to life!

Aloha From Paris! Time for my next adventure…