“Hi Alison, I’m a producer from the Discovery Channel and I’m wondering if you would like be on the most challenging survival show in the history of TV, with a man you have never met, NAKED.”

This is a cliff notes version of the call I received to be on Discovery’s (now) #1 show, Naked and Afraid — I was only given a weeks notice to transform from “surfer girl” to “survivor!”

GoPro ambassador going Naked:

In order to document this transformation, I decided to put together an all-GoPro version of Alison’s Adventures “Wild Child” episode, following what proved to be a series of wild and comedic events leading up to my departure. With one week to prepare for this ultimate test of survival skills, I turned to my wilderness expert parents and a classic community of talented characters from my home in Hawaii. You will gain a never before seen glimpse into my Robinson Crusoe-style upbringing, and the secrets that got me through the challenge…and along the way I discover the most important “tool” for survival.

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