Before the tragedy of the global pandemic, I set off to London to inspire students with my new book “Alison’s Adventures: Your Passport To The World” and have a ‘board meeting’ with local charities to explore new ways of protecting the worlds water ways, and keeping them clean. I joined local charity organizations Plastic Oceans UK, Plogolution, SLO Active Surfers Against Sewage, City to Sea, and The Whale Company for a “paddle and pick” on the Thames River to dive in and spread awareness on her quest to fight against plastic pollution in our oceans.

The adventure was documented by my talented photographer friend Olivier Morin for AFP.

Every river leads to an ocean. Every living being is effected by the health of our waters. The human body can only survive 4 days without water. But not only fresh water is important to human survival, the ocean provides us with almost 70% of our oxygen and is responsible for global climate regulation AND more than half of the world’s population is reliant on the ocean for food sources.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to extend the messaging from the French government and British agreement in their strong European strategy for reducing plastic pollution. It is my hope that this will inspire everyone across the globe to dive in to their own water ways and create ripple effects of change.

I’m now home in Hawaii and going to continue sharing my adventures through all my social media channels to inspire and educate homeschooling families during these challenging times. Through my Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Youtube. I’m offering families a virtual way to adventure and learn about the Environment and other cultures from the safety from their homes.

The imagery I’ve seen of cleaner oceans and skies are a token of hope for the health or our earth, however I’m saddened that this comes at a huge and tragic cost in terms of lives lost and financial hardships for so many people around the world.

Eco wetsuits and bikinis by SLO Active.


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