I was born on the floor of a tiny log cabin high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  What was and is normal family life for me is light years away from most people’s idea of normal.  But for me it was the only life I knew from birth until I first saw the inside of a school room on the high slopes of the Himalayas in Nepal at the age seven.  I thought – Wow! I’m in an actual school with other children. And a teacher. Inside a building. How strange. How weird. How exotic. I was raised around the world homeschooled by my adventure photographer parents.

My papa, David Blehert, is a world-renowned adventure photographer for companies such as National Geographic, Patagonia, LowePro, and Teva.  When I was two months old, my parents took me skiing on Ausangate, the highest peak in Southern Peru, and since then, my life has been a whirlwind of high adventure.  My mother, Deborah Koehn is a naturalist and an internationally acclaimed yoga devotee and teacher. Together as a family, we formed a company called Yoga Adventure and  guided trips around the world.

Eventually we set up a base in Hawaii, and called our home, ‘base camp.’