Alison’s Adventures “Surf, Survive, Sustain” Campaign

While shooting Naked and Afraid in the Maldives I was overwhelmingly shocked by the amount of beach trash covering the uninhabited island and the lack of sea life. In 2012 the President of the Maldives stated, “If carbon emissions continue at the rate they are climbing today, my country will be underwater in seven years.”

Where will all the people go? Where will all the plastic go? Read more about this dire problem here.

An international icon of natural beauty, my experience in the Maldives presents an opportunity to tell a crucial story about plastic waste and recycling that fits into my “Surf Survive Sustain” mission.

The Story:

In August 2014, Alison Teal from Discovery Channel’s show Naked and Afraid will return to the Maldives and reunite with the “Island’s Princess” on a special Alison’s Adventures to bring awareness awareness to the fact that Maldives may look like paradise, but it is actually home to the largest “Trash island” in the world.

The Cause:

Alison will visit a special biosphere reserve, filled with majestic manta rays and whale sharks to document how the fragile ecosystem is being affected by pollution and climate change. While there, she will collect trash in an effort save the highly threatened biosphere, and the country as a whole. Alison will also visit “Trash Island” and meet with the government in order to begin transforming the plastic into usable products such as Repreve thread which makes many products like Patagonia, Odina, Teeki, Volcom, Roxy, Ford and Lost Surfboards with Sustainable Surf’s Eco Board.

The Outcome:

All will be captured by Alison and water photographer/cinematographer Sarah Lee. Both girls will promote the campaign on their social media and blogs as they have one of the largest followings of an independent girl adventure production team in the world. An Alison’s Adventure cause based film will also be made as part of the award winning film series.

Branded Content for you:

In addition to the campaign and film series, Alison Teal and Sarah Lee will be creating custom content (video and photo) for brands in one of the most picturesque places on earth. If you or your company would like once in a lifetime content for your brand please contact

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Ocean preservation is on the forefront right now and I believe my next adventure will help shed light on some very pressing issues. Recently President Obama announced that he intended to use his executive authority to create the world’s largest marine protected area in the south-central Pacific Ocean.

“Growing up in Hawaii, I learned early to appreciate the beauty and power of the ocean,” Mr. Obama said at a White House event on Tuesday […] I’m going to use my authority as president to protect some of our most precious marine landscapes, just like we do for mountains and rivers and forests.” (source)

Growing up in Hawaii I feel a similar love for the ocean and want to use any and all power and passion I have to also help promote marine conservation and protecting our world’s oceans – not only for my homeland but for the homes of my growing global family. Can you imagine if your home would be beneath the ocean in a few years? Can you imagine if sealife and wildlife ceased to exist?

A “Titanic” issue

It was also exciting to wake up to headlines that Leonardo DiCaprio also recognizes the problem at hand and is offering finances to help protect the future health of our oceans and the ultimately the planet as a whole. We share a mission to help protect the cultures and ecosystems across the world in order for our future generations to be able to enjoy. Like Obama said, “We can protect our oceans for future generations,” and as a rising reality tv star and global ambassador of adventure and sustainability I want to do my part by helping one of the most threatened countries on earth – the Maldives. As Leonardo DiCaprio stated in his eloquent speech: “If the ocean dies, so will we.” It is time we “step up” and do our part to make a change.

Help my cause:

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