It was an honor receiving an invitation to speak at the World Forum For Responsible Economy in La Rochelle, France.

Alison’s Oceans Sessions Speech

It was an uplifting day at the forum! After my speech, the head of the event (former French minister) Philippe Vasseur said I was the “Springtime of the Forum,” and with a big smile he threw me a Shaka!

I was on a huge stage in front of hundreds of people accompanied by some of the greatest minds on the planet: big business owners, scientists, and Nobel Laureates. They welcomed me with warm hearts and wonderful wit during my half hour presentation! What an honor! We instigated transformation in sustainable economy not only in large corporations, but in the spirits of individuals seeking to make a difference in this world!


I couldn’t come all the way to France with out checking out Paris…and the surf.

Paris is the most magnificent city on earth! The architecture, food, music, and people are straight out of the kind of romance novel or film that you just want to jump into!

I focused my Alison’s Adventures France film and photos on spreading awareness on the importance of protecting our world’s waters. It was incredible to work with fantastic French photographer and pro free diver Alex Voyer. Check out his aquatic adventures around Paris in his beautiful blog

Humans can only survive 4 days with out drinking water AND furthermore, if the oceans die, we die.

To get an aerial view of the French waterways, I set off in my favorite mode of eco transportation with France Balloons.

On a hot air balloon there is no steering or breaks and you truly go where the wind blows you! Luckily our guide Adrian from France Balloons was an absolute genius pilot and has been flying balloons all over the world for 20 years.


It was “firing” in the largest marsh on the Atlantic coast, Marais Poitevin. Turns out that when you make motion in the water, natural gas is released from the earth and when you hold a lighter to it, the surface of the stream ignites!

For the best adventure AND fresh farm-to-table food in France, everyone should go to “Les oiseaux du Marais Poitevin” and meet with David for a traditional barques boat ride, lunch, & laughs!


I was honored to team up with Emmanuelle Joly, 6 time European champion surfer.

…and her now #1 in France surf champ daughter Uhaina Joly, who is carrying on the pink board legacy!

They took me to their home breaks in Biarritz, the birthplace of surfing in Europe.

If you ever go to France check out Emmanuelle’s website to sign up for the best lesson or advanced surf guiding!

And lunch at Le Surfing restaurant overlooking Biarritz beautiful beaches and Spain in the distance.


Welcome to the bay of Arcachon, France. Home of Europe’s tallest sand dune, Dune Du Pilat, and best oysters!

Also home to the largest maritime pine forest in Europe.

I learned to paraglide for the first time over the Dune Du Pilat – it was smooth, effortless, and my new favorite eco transport.

And now it’s time to saddle up and set off on my next adventure – Au revoir!

Many mahalos to Rail Europe for zipping me around fabulous France! Best and most comfortable way to travel Europe!